Sunday, 30 January 2011

Lucy Pinder - "Builder set", Daily Star, HQ pics

Readers of this blog will no doubt deplore the tragic shortage of features of Lucy Pinder in the Daily Star since early 2009.

The shortage is caused by two utterly moronic policy decisions by the Daily Star's editor, firstly to reduce the amount of glamour content in the Star and secondly to slash the budget for Page 3 so they are no longer able to afford high quality models like Lucy.

To have your say against this idiotic policy, please visit the Daily Star Page 3 facebook page and post a message urging them to go back to featuring Lucy Pinder regularly.

By way of compensation for the shortage, here are some high quality pics from Lucy's "builder" set for the Star. Visit this link to download the high quality versions or click on the sample pics below.

Lucy Pinder, Daily Star

Buy this painting of Lucy Pinder!

This super painting of Lucy Pinder by Lucy fan MarvTMartian is now for sale on ebay.

Click here to visit the auction: Lucy Pinder painting ebay auction

Note that this photograph of the painting does not do it full justice.

Painting of Lucy Pinder by MarvTMartian, for sale on ebay

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Lucy Pinder - Las Vegas 2011 Candids

Some candid pics from Lucy Pinder's visit to Las Vegas to promote the Hot Shots 2011 calendar - and some shots of Vegas taken by Lucy herself!

See here for more pics or click on the image below.

Lucy Pinder - Las Vegas 2011 candids - sample set

Friday, 21 January 2011

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Lucy Pinder Las Vegas candid pic

Lucy Pinder is currently in Las Vegas to promote the Hot Shots 2011 Calendar. Here she is relaxing in the evening in the company of Kelly Hall, Stacey Massey and Rosie Jones.

More pictures here.

Kelly Hall, Lucy Pinder, Stacey Massey and Rosie Jones, Las Vegas, 19-01-11

Friday, 14 January 2011

Lucy Pinder visits Las Vegas to promote Hot Shots 2011 Calendar

Lucy Pinder in Las Vegas!
Between Tuesday 18th and Friday 21st January 2011, Lucy Pinder will be on the Crye Precision stand (8107) at the Shot Show in Las Vegas, NV, signing and selling copies of the Hot Shots 2011 Calendar in aid of Help for Heroes, in the company of Kelly Hall, Stacey Massey and Rosie Jones. See here for more details.
Lucy Pinder shooting Hot Shots 2011 Calendar