Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Lucy Pinder in Nuts magazine 14-02-2012

Lucy Pinder is looking quite amazingly gorgeous in today's Nuts magazine! Appropriate for Valentine's day... :)

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Lucy Pinder - Nuts video for 14-02-2012 issue

The scans will be here soon, but while you wait enjoy this gorgeous video of Lucy Pinder's photoshoot for today's Nuts :)

Monday, 13 February 2012

Lucy Pinder to be in Nuts magazine 14-02-2012

Lucy Pinder has a feature in tomorrow's issue of Nuts! As usual, HQ scans will be posted here as soon as possible... :)

Lucy Pinder, Nuts magazine 14-02-2012 preview

Sadly it's not a full-on feature of Lucy on her own - once again her useless agent, Girl Management, are acting against Lucy's own interests by using her name to promote others. But there will be a good selection of pics of Lucy anyway :)