Thursday, 8 September 2011

Lucy Pinder - Girl Management's new Creative Director

Lucy Pinder's management company, Girl Management, have appointed Lucy as Creative Director.
Update: As of March 2012 it has become clear that the rosy hopes expressed in this blog post could not have been more misplaced. It is now plainly obvious that this job is not only worthless but is a millstone round Lucy's neck. Lucy has done only three published shoots in the last nine months; Girl Management are destroying Lucy Pinder's career because they can't be bothered to get her the work any more, and this so-called "job" is nothing but a sop to prevent her from moving to some other agency who might actually do the right thing by her.
Please "Like" the Facebook page - Save Lucy Pinder from Girl Management ruining her career to show your support for Lucy and protest against the ill treatment Girl Management are giving her by not finding her any work.

"Lucy's new role involves representing Girl Management in the media and advising on brand extensions and expansion opportunities."
With Lucy's unmatched combination of intelligence and long experience in the glamour industry, they couldn't have made a better choice! Huge congratulations to both Lucy and GM on this and the very best of best wishes for success. There are great things ahead!

Lucy Pinder - Creative Director of Girl Management